Villa Spee 3D Reproduction

During Christmas holidays I had finally time to continue my hobby project that I’m doing for my self training. This is a reproduction of an existing project of Villa Spee from Lab32 Architecten which I’m trying to reproduce into a 3D environment, and subsequently re-render it according to original photos from photographer Jo Pauwels. During this process I’m trying to imitate real photos with everything from modelling all the stuff, through the appearance and characteristics of materials, to the lighting and color correction of the final images. And even if it costs a lot of effort, it’s a very effective way to learn a lot 🙂


Project Images

Comparsion with photos

Below you can compare each visualization with it’s original photo.


VR Visualization

Also, I tried VR visualization for this project, which is achieved by Corona Camera Mod. The result is bellow and you can also download it and try it on your own Cardboard or Gear VR. Personally, I used Gear VR and opened it by application called „360 Photos“. But whatever VR headset do you have, simply download the file, save it to your smartphone and after, you can open it by any 360 photo viewer.